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Welcome to the Family Worship Project--a website designed to inspire and equip families for family worship. On this site, you will find articles, videos, resources, reviews, ideas, sample worship orders, and much more! Whether you are new to the idea of family worship or a seasoned veteran, I pray that Family Worship Project is a valuable resource for you and your family. – Scott Shepherd

We Don't Have Time

by Scott Shepherd

A common objection to family worship is, “We don’t have enough time.” As a husband, father of three, minister, teacher, doctoral student, little league coach, home school parent, and much, much more, I certainly understand this argument. The twenty-first century arguably places more demands upon family members than any previous time in history. Occupation, school, sports, music lessons, and a variety of other demands have such a stranglehold over our lives that we sometimes wonder if we have enough time to eat and sleep.. (To read the rest of this article click HERE.)

The Big Picture Story Bible is my personal favorite among children’s Bibles. The writing of David Helm is paired with the Gayle Schoonmaker’s vivid illustrations to present biblical stories in an easily understandable manner that accurately conveys the biblical text. TBP excels at setting these stories within the “big picture” of God’s plan of salvation. Children (and adults) learn how Noah, Abraham, David, and countless others, fit into God’s plan to rescue His fallen, rebellious creation by restoring them under the rule of “God’s forever king”... (To read the rest of this article, click HERE.)

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